World After Dark Announcement by Shannon Litzenberger

I'm thrilled to announce the production of my new work World After Dark, premiering March 6-9, 2019 at Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto. 

Inspired by Christopher Dewdney’s award-winning book Acquainted with the Night, 'World After Dark' explores our relationship with the physical and metaphorical night. From the three stages of nightfall to the science of the cosmos; from the birth of nightlife to the empire of dreams; from the biology of nocturnal creatures to the mythology of the night sky, Dewdney’s compelling poetic reveries and scientific explanations take us on an epic voyage through the mysteries of night.

With an outstanding, multi-disciplinary creative team and ensemble of performers, 'World After Dark' invites us to reclaim the night within – a metaphor for the sensual, the embodied and the feminine.

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