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World Premiere!

Night is electric, immersive, rejuvenating, and disarming. It demands to be met by the intuitive, sentient body. Its mysteries offer respite from the drama of the day. The nights of our generation are aglow with artificial light. What trace of darkness is left on you?

“She grabbed my book by the scruff of the neck, held it up to the light, and shook the gold out of it.”
-Christopher Dewdney, author, Acquainted with the Night

Based on Christopher Dewdney’s award winning text 
Acquainted with the night: Excursions through the world after dark

Creative Team

Concept, Choreography and DirectionShannon Litzenberger

Created with and Performed by Linnea Swan, Louis Laberge-Côté,
Syreeta Hector, Emily Law, Nikolaos Markakis and Kathia Wittenborn with narration by Irene Pauzer and Dan Wild

Creative Advisor Marie-Josée Chartier
Dance Dramaturg / Creative Advisor Gerald Trentham
Writer / Theatre Dramaturg Guillermo Verdecchia
Lighting and Set Design Ken MacKenzie
Projection and Interactive Video Design Elysha Poirier
Sound Design John Gzowski
Costume Design Alexandra Lord
Assistant Costume Designer / Builder Kleanthi Markakis
Stage Management Laura Cournoyea
Production Coordination Jordana Deveau
Videography and Trailer Aria Evans
Photography Lyon Smith and Ken Greenhorn
Videography Craig Chambers
Marketing Murray Patterson Communications Group
Publicity B-Rebel Communications
Graphic and Web Design Karran Sahadeo
Social Media Kathia Wittenborn

About Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance

Some of the most exciting live performances of our generation are being created at the intersection of artistic disciplines. These works transcend traditional art forms and come to life through innovative collaborations that take place in the spaces between artistic practices. More and more, artistic risk, experimentation and discovery are being driven through the cross-pollination of artists from theatre, music, dance, film, design, multi-media, literary and visual arts, working together in spaces that embody a spirit of creative exchange across forms of practice.
— Shannon Litzenberger